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BTC Industries Limited , enjoys a history of more than a decade of innovation, Technology, Manufacturing and Market Leadership. Today, BTC Industries Limited is a full-capability provider of high quality TMT Bar and other steel products, serving Steel manufacturing in India as-well-as worldwide.

BTC strives for continual improvement of manufacturing processes with emphasis on consistent quality and cost effectiveness.

The Company was founded by Mr. Yashoda Nandan Agrawal in the year 2003 with the support of Navneet Agrawal and Tushar Agrawal, today BTC is one of the top ranked company in Indian Steel  Industries, fueled in no small measure by its more than one decade old technical and financial team.

BTC has ultra modern manufacturing plants in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand in India. In this plant facilities have been laid out to match world's best plant engineering standards and as you hear this, our plants are busy producing TMT Bar and other steel products in large quantities to our customer's exacting standards.

BTC has a futuristic vision with an experienced and customer focused management team. This is clearly evident from our financial growth which has seen a steady upward trend right since our inception. BTC posted a growth of over 25% in 2008-09.

BTC facilities are manned by over a 200 (31-03-2010) highly skilled and specialized personnel composed of associates, executives and managers.

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